hey, i'm hannah!
a twenty year old college art student with an unhealthy obsession with disney & kingdom hearts! i have the crazy dream of someday being a disney animator. ♥
i've been working at my mom's animal hospital for over two years now and i loveee animals, especially my little weiner dog, daisy.

i also have two disney tattoos!!

i post & reblog :

disney / dreamworks / studio ghibli / tim burton / kingdom hearts / final fantasy / mass effect / don bluth / harry potter / atla / legend of korra / marvel / dc / artwork / arrested development / supernatural

cosmo sex tip #666



when your partner is least expecting it pin them to the ceiling and set them on fire


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i hate tumblr bc you guys just romantasize being antisocial and hating everyone and having no friends like it makes you better than everyone else but it actually sucks and its not like it sounds

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A new Kingdom Hearts pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-midquel sequel between Chain of Memories and Coded titled Kingdom Hearts 2.8439639567468 Radical-12 base-65 Re:Re:Re:Re:Fwd Chain of Coded Death By Awakening Re:Re:Re: 592/9 Days FiNaL ReMiX HD Edition

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